High response 2, stavanger sampling

Architect Christian Schöberle, 30 pupils from Stavanger culture school and artist Anna Roos have looked closer at different sites in Stavanger. For different reasons - these sites -seemed in need of attention.

Models embodying the tension between the realistic and the utopian were made and presented as an exhibition and in a catalogue. The plans were given to a local politician at the opening 7th of June 2008. He promised to have these ideas in mind when making a new plan for the city centre of Stavanger.

12.10.11. Stavanger kommune announces the winners of the contest "Lek i sentrum" (play in the (city) centre.) One of the ideas from High response 2 is a winning idea and might be realized in the city centre; bike-in cinema, Ankertorget.

download catalogue (in Norwegian) highresponsekatalog.pdf

excerpt from speaches at the opening (in Norwegian)