Base Camp - Tou scene - Stavanger

48 artists participated in Tou Camp, inhabiting the areas politicians have dedicated to a new artists studio-house in Stavanger. The areas need to be upgraded, so this event was to give a peak preview of what is to come if and when the politicians realize the plans.


High response 3

Anna Roos initiated and was project leader for High response, a Stavanger2008 funded project when Stavanger was European Capitol of Culture. The project was developed with Rogaland Art Centre.

High response 3 was a collaboration with artist Tove Kommedal involving the city, 12 women, two chefs, needlepoint, an 8-course meal and more.


High response 2 - stavanger sampling

High response was a project that needed a response from an audience or participants to be fulfilled or even to exist.

In High response 2, Anna Roos collaborated with the architect Christian Schöberle, pupils from Stavanger Culture school. The project aim was making new models for the city of Stavanger embodying the tension between the realistic and the utopian.


High response 1

High response 1 involved 8 artists who visited individual school classes. The aim for the artists was to involve the pupils in a Live Art project rather than just being a visiting artist giving a lecture.

The artists had a 2-day workshop before developing each art project and visiting schools.


Out to get me

MC-messa - Prøverommet - Bergen 2007

The artist run gallery 21m2 presented "Out to get me I" and "Out to get me II" as part of the non-commercial art fair MC-messa.



Presented in Loop, a presentation of regional artists, showed digitally in public space.



Vestlandsutstillingen 2006

A video installation inviting the viewers to take part.


Spoon me

Vestlandsutstillingen 2004

Mini-installation in box.

Still time

Oslo Open 2003

A video installation showed in a tube station in Oslo, Jernbanetorget.


Trifles of Life

Galleri Graffio, Bologna 2000

Stand Art, Gothenburg 2000

Oslo Open 2003

A project involving participants. Showed in different media such as sound, video and posters in tram. Also performed in schools.


6th of June 2012

ID camp - Tou scene - Stavanger

Urban Sjøfront organized the event "Identitet og byen/ Identity and the city." Anna Roos gave a performative lecture as part of this event.



Inngang 13 Åpen dør - Rogaland Kunstsenter

All artists living in Rogaland were invited to participate in this exhibition. The exhibition was curated by director Geir Haraldseth, but there was no jury and no prizes.

In 1884 a group of french painters initiated an alternative to the traditional Salons under the motto: "No jury. No prizes." "Åpen dør" invites to reflect over what art is today, and who has the power of definition.

Anna Roos showed the video "Mist" as part of this exhibition.


August 2013

Book launch and Live Art -

Rogaland Kunstsenter

Rogaland Art Centre published a book called "Kunst By Befolikning/Art City Citizens" in August 2013. Anna Roos participates in the book with an art text, and she also took part in a panel debate at the Art Centre as part one of the launch.

Part two of the launch addressed a wider public, and Anna Roos organized a Live Take Away for this occasion.



Tilstandsrapport part 1


This exhibition was initiated by "Urban Sjøfront - the edible city" and took place in abandoned premises in an old can factory. This part of the city, which has been run down for a while, is now quickly developing again with a risk of gentrification. This was a site-specific exhibition with sound, video, found objects and chocolate.


Tilstandsrapport part 2 and 3

2014 and 2015

In the spring of 2014 Anna Roos was invited by Sandnes municipality to develop an art project in relation to the 200 years jubilee of the Norwegian constitution. The artist showed the video produced for part one of "Tilstandsrapport" and developed a Live Art event touching upon concerns about "being left out/being inside"


Sans Papiers


This was developped in the project room Studio 17 in Stavanger. The artist worked with paper, text, egg shells, embossed prints and torches. The project involves ideas of being seen as an individual or barely as statistical numbers, it relates to political and existential realms.