ID camp - Tou scene - Stavanger - 6th of June 2012

As a part of Urban Sjøfronts program "Identitet og byen/ Identity and the city," Anna Roos gave a performative lecture. The lecture centred around how we see ourselves as a part of a society in general, and specifically questioned the councils "Levekårsundersøkelse" from 2012 in relation to living in Stavanger. Levekårsundersøkelsen is a program of statistics, published by the council in Stavanger every second year.

How objective can statistics be? How much does the questions asked, influence what you find? Is not owning your home necessarily an indication of bad living conditions? Is an area with students, old people and immigrants an indication of worse living conditions than an area with lots of children?

In the lecture the artist integrated some of the video portraits that were made specifically for ID camp 2012.

Everyone in the audience were labelled with something resembling a name tag when they arrived. However, everyone got the same symbol, no names, as if to mark that they were one group/one identity. The symbol is taken from a frame of the animation showed as intro and outro to the lecture. The animations can be viewed on this page.

The animations are a remix of materials used earlier in different parts of High response. Spoken words are in Norwegian.