Vær Så God - 15th and 17th of August 2013

This event took place at Nytorget, a square in Stavanger with a long history and traditions. The place is one of few in Stavanger with a genuine urban feel to it. Here are layers of different activities, different times, multiple time schedules and many paces. Here you can find the heart of the heterogeneous city, which is not very evident in the rest of Stavanger. In this place you have a greater sense of tolerance, a stronger sense of fresh air.

For some reason many voice the urgent need to upgrade Nytorget. The artist, on the other hand, wants to celebrate the place as it is. If the square will be upgraded, there is a great risk of eliminating the multitude of actions here. There is a risk of gentrification.

Anna Roos organized an event were the public passing by were invited to sit down on chairs in the square. The people and the chairs became markers of the square as it is. Later she organized a Live Take Away, serving food made in restaurants belonging to the square.